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Want A Choice In Between "Over-Published" And "Bank-Breaking" Graphics And Templates ??


"Challenge Yourself To Grow Your Business
Horizons And Opportunities... Grab The Same
Exclusive Mini-Site Template System We Use
And Motivate Your Growth Each Month !!"


THREE (3) Themed, High Quality, IM Niche And Hot Topic Easy-Edit Templates,
Created By Niche Marketers, For Niche Marketers, Straight To You Every Month!

From the desk of JayKay Bak

Dear Smart Marketer,

The verdict is definitely in. The IM landscape has changed forever, and continues to change at breathtaking speed. We at UM saw it (and are still seeing it) along with you.

The "survival and growth" buzzwords of today include lofty targets like "diversify", "dominate", "control costs", and "scale up and do it fast". Lofty targets indeed, but also essential, and also expensive in time and money. Especially when we started buying graphics for all our products we release through our main membership and sister sites. Ouch...

The Graphics/Copy Writer/Production Dilemma

During 2011, we set about a massive "face-lift" of many of our own sites. We also began introducing new products at a blistering speed. This brought us head first into the need for a streamlined, cost effective approach to our graphics. We asked our Graphics People, and they delivered in a big way.

The Results

Our team came up with a standardized template (like this one you are looking at), that uses easy to change standard size and spec graphics, without giving up variety and appearance. And, streamlined graphics equals streamlined costs!

Also, our Copy Writers now have a standardized, yet fast and flexible palette to grow their word and picture stories in whatever way they need. Simple level html skills are all that are needed to set a whole atmosphere or tone to fit their copy.

And the benefits?? We can keep up our pace at a production level beyond what we expected. All at an affordable price for graphic design, and without giving up quality.

And the biggest benefit of all?

They convert like crazy!
(eh hem, given the great sales copy that you can supply.)

So, Unselfish Marketers That We Are... ;-)

-- We Decided To Offer This Same System To YOU !!

Grab High Quality Minisite Templates Made By Our Own In-House Graphics Team ... And GROW Your Business With Us !!

All Templates Include
Both HTML and WordPress:
(javascript needed for previews)

Preview - html ScreenCaps

Preview - WP ScreenCaps

Plus FULL Campaign Graphics:

View Full Graphics

More Than Just Another Template System, We Made Them A Growth Method:

Every month you will receive a new Template/Graphics Pack. Each Pack will contain an IM Niche Site Package. And, (similar to our own growth model) we will combine the IM Niche with 2 other Hot Topic/Evergreen Niches so all members get 3 Mini-Site Campaign Packs per month.

Challenge yourself to grow by filling the Niches Every Month (just like UM).

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Grow New Unexplored Niches EACH MONTH Using UM Resources

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Build And Harvest New Lists Of Prospects

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Discover New Income Streams And Profit Centers

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Grow A New Controlled Linkwheel System

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint and much more...

The 6 Growth Niches:

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Internet Marketing - A New, Different IM Niche Mini-Site Pack Each Month. The most requested niche delivered each month.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Dating Relationships - An Evergreen for CPA and Self-Help eBooks and Courses.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Weight Loss - Another Evergreen Niche Full of CPA Opportunity, and Self-Help eBooks and Courses.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Health Beauty - Cash in on the "Vanity Traffic", it's HUGE.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Personal Finance - The Worse The Economy, The Better This Evergreen Performs !

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Personal Development - The Law Of Attraction Niche is on Fire !

The Specs:

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Every Month Includes 3 Full Mini-Site Campaign Kits - Mini-Site in html (money site), WordPress Blog Template (traffic site(s)), and FULL campaign graphics. ALL TIMES 3 !!!

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Easy Edit, Streamlined, Standardized Design And Graphics - Your Favorite html Editor and Gimp (free) or PhotoShop are all that are needed for a complete campaign at warp speed... Edit the Text Areas, Launch, and Get Back to Marketing or Enjoying Your Time !

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Rights Controlled Royalty Free Images That You're FREE To Use Anyway You Want On All Websites You Own. No Surprise Copyright/DCMA Letters Or Fines. And, an Exclusive Members Only Product, means less chance of "Web Over-Published" look-alikes.

What A UM Member Product Adds:

We've been supplying and servicing the Niche Marketing Community in a variety of ways since 2006. Just do a search on the "Unselfish Marketer" brand. Our entire business centers on Niche Marketing and the needs of Niche Marketers. We listen, understand, and deliver what you need.

Unselfish Minisites Membership Card

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint Reliable World Class Service With A Proven Record - A reputation of consistent over-delivery, complete with a responsive support setup.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint An Exclusive Membership With an Exclusive Product - The only way to get access to these Mini-Site Kits is by joining Unselfish Minisites.

Unselfish Minisites bulletpoint The Power Of Membership Buying - Consistent Quality and Variety at a Controlled, Affordable Price.

Feeling Ready to Challenge Yourself And Grow?... Every Month?... Follow Our Lead !

OK, But How Much Does All This Cost??

The "Unselfish Minisites Monthly Membership" brings you all of the above features and benefits, all at an affordable "shared costs" price.

Packages like this can easily run into the "Hundreds of Dollars" if you try to do this alone. Think about $10 to $20 per Custom Header, $5 Banners, Templates for 2 Platforms, the time involved searching for the right graphics and looks. Instead, you pay "pennies on the dollar".

You can get in on this Introductory Offer and Lock in Your Price at a silly and "unselfish" $17 per Month! billed monthly through PayPal. Stay as long or short as you want or need, and you can cancel at any time. But,

Lock In Now At Just $17 per Month!
Just Click The "Let Me In" Order Button Below to Download Your First Pack Today!

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee My "No Worries" guarantee is that I want you to feel happy and even proud of your investment

So, if anytime within the first 30 days (even on the 30th day), you're not absolutely overjoyed with what you receive then just let me know and I'll gladly give you 100% of your investment back.

Quietly and Promptly, No Questions Asked!

And that's a promise

Yes, JayKay! I'm So Ready To Grab My 3 Fresh Niche Minisite Templates That Can't Be Found Anywhere Else But Here
Yes, I Understand That Every Month For 12 Months I Get 1 Internet Marketing Minisite AND On Top Of That, I Also Get 2 More Growth Niche Minisite Templates To Expand My Business Horizons And Opportunities
I Get My Minisites Both In HTML & Wordpress, JPG & PSD Files So I Can Use Free Gimp Or Photoshop To Edit Everything To My Liking
Yes, From The PLR License I Know I Also Have A FREE Developer And A FREE Domain Flip License Making It Brain Dead Easy To Profit
Yes, I Know That I'm Fully Covered By Your 30 Days NO-Risk Guarantee. I Can Stay As Long As I Want Or Need, And I Can Cancel At Any Time

Fee May Be Increased At Any Time So Lock In Your $17 Per Month Now

To YOUR Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

P.S. Boost and support your marketing efforts, you owe it to yourself to use the best tools you can. Start Today and Cancel at Any Time.

P.P.S. Don't wait to long though. JayKay is known for unannounced price increases for new members and membership caps that are airtight. Order Now!

P.P.P.S. See for yourself why The UM Vault continues to grow and thrive since 2006, and why the industry named JayKay the "Unselfish Marketer" (then reap the benefits of JayKay taking the name seriously along with other UM Vault Members)

Do NOT Order, It's Included Inside Your Vault For FREE Thai Wai - Polite Salutation


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